The Most Secure Platforms to Trade Bitcoin in 2020

Cryptocurrency has been widely accepted globally; hence more and more people are expressing their interest in buying and selling Bitcoin. Of course, to buy and sell bitcoin, a crypto wallet is essential, or a Bitcoin Brieftasche if you’re investing from Germany. However, many people have been asking us, “Which is the best platform to trade BTC?” We shall answer the question right here.

ATM Action

Our research has found out that the number of cryptocurrency ATMs is increasing by the day. At the time we were writing this article, there are over 7,000 units all over the world. This means more people are buying Bitcoins and other digital assets and converting them to cash. Bitcoin ATMs, which businesses can purchase from places like KIOSK, stand out in terms of convenience. The buying process at a BTC ATM is as easy as putting your fiat cash into a typical bank ATM. We have reliable sites that give accurate information about our nearest BTC ATMs. So it’s all about keying in a location and the type of crypto to trade. Then the search button helps us to locate the nearest ATM.

Credit Cards

It is probably the easiest way we have been teaching about trading BTC. Sites such as allow us to purchase either BTC or BTC cash. After clicking the ‘buy’ button, the next prompt asks for a Bitcoin wallet address. With a Bitcoin wallet, we have found out that it is much easier to complete the transaction. Those without the wallet are prompted to download one for free. This option charges us a fixed fee, but the trade-off is quick and convenient.

Crypto Trading Robots

Automatic cryptocurrency trading platforms (Crypto trading robots) are a relatively new invention. The fact that they are automated and only the algorithms perform the operations makes reviewers skeptical of the whole idea of trading using a Crypto trading bot.
It is one of the easiest and secure ways to learn about crypto trading. It works in a similar way to a Google Assistant. If you’re a newbie, you don’t have to worry about the market rates and the direction in which the volatility flows. You could make use of trading bots like Immediate Edge (read more on
to take care of all the trading using which even beginners can open an account and start trading with a small initial investment.

Fiat to Bitcoin Exchanges

We have found the bitcoin exchange from reputable providers to be very straightforward. It allows us to exchange BTC for fiat through a bank account. We have purchased Bitcoins from numerous exchanges, but we always check for the reputation of the company. We once had a case of our followers who stored their coins in a custodial wallet without holding private keys and lost their crypto holdings to hackers. So, we always advise people to move their funds to non-custodial wallets immediately after buying BTC. It is also essential to retain the bare minimum of the amount required to transact on an exchange platform that is not decentralized. However, some sites set up phony exchanges to lure ignorant users into thinking that they are investing in crypto. Such transactions are never recorded in the Blockchain; hence the unsuspecting users end up losing the money. That’s why we are always keen to deal with exchanges that are regulated with transparent permits displayed on their websites.

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Platforms

The other method we have found to be safe in buying Bitcoin is by connecting directly to the seller through P2P trading. is a perfect example we have been using. This allows us to choose from a plethora of payment options such as direct bank transfer, PayPal, or cash-in-person. In a P2P platform, we find different users with different charges. It is crucial to choose a seller with a fair price and a good reputation in the history of their completed transactions. When we are trading at, all we have to provide is a private email address. In other P2P platforms, we have been asked for the KYC and AML (anti-money laundering) policy. A face-to-face transaction with a seller is another option. Still, it should be a trustworthy person looking to sell Bitcoin for cash. Mobile wallets come in handy in this case.

Fraudsters are targeting crypto traders who don’t have profound knowledge when it comes to digital assets. Because we care, we don’t want you to fall into fraudulent avenues claiming to offer quick exchanges of Bitcoin for fiat currency, goods, and services. It is always disheartening when our fans send us messages about how their first time experience with crypto ended in tears. Trading Bitcoin is much safer than investing fiat money so long as you are doing it in a secure place. Follow our posts for more about the latest tech for storing your precious coins and hiding your transactions.