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Examples of Businesses That Work Well on Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform that can be used to market businesses of all types. Some businesses are more suited to Instagram than others, however.

Businesses that work particularly well on Instagram are restaurants, retailers, and fashion brands. Restaurants can use Instagram to showcase their menus and dishes, retailers can post pictures of their latest products, and fashion brands can share photos of their latest collections. Where businesses struggle they can always buy IG likes. So let us then explore these different kinds of businesses that should work on a social media platform such as Instagram.



Restaurants: Instagram allows restaurants to share photos of their food, as well as run promotions and giveaways.

A good photo of a meal can have mouth-watering consequences for a business and draw a much larger crowd to the restaurant.



Shopping: Instagram is a great platform for retail businesses to showcase their products. If you have a physical store, you can use Instagram to share photos and videos of your products, as well as run promotions and giveaways.

Also, of course, you can sell online. A social media account such as Instagram can include a promotional post that links to a website where products are then easily purchasable. It only takes one link to make this possible.



Clothing: Fashion designers and fashion houses can share images of their latest collections.

Makeup: Instagram is a wonderful place for makeup artists and brands to share photos of their work.


Health and Fitness

Fitness: Instagram allows fitness businesses to share images and videos of their products and services.

Fitness is all about inspiring others to take part and videos can show just what a piece of gym equipment is capable of.



Service Businesses: Not just for products, Instagram can also be used by service businesses to show off their work. For example, if you’re a wedding planner, you can share the photos and videos of weddings that you’ve planned, as well as behind-the-scenes content.



Creative businesses: If you have a creative business, such as a design studio or a florist, Instagram is an excellent platform to share your work.

Something created will generally be highly visible and so ideal for showing off on Instagram. This will then make it much in demand in terms of a purchasable object and no doubt inspire others to be equally creative. Instagram can create a diverse following.



Instagram Influencers: If you’re an Instagram influencer, you can use the platform to promote businesses and products. For example, you can share videos or photos of products you’re using, as well as write sponsored posts.

Instagram is ideally suited to influencers. These individuals have a large following on social media and are often trusted by their followers to recommend products and services. Instagram allows influencers to connect with brands and promote products. Some of the most popular Instagram influencers include Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, and Casey Neistat, who you have no doubt heard of.


When it comes to businesses that work well on Instagram, there are a few key factors to keep in mind. First and foremost, Instagram is all about visuals. This means that businesses with products or services that are visually appealing will do well on the platform. Secondly, businesses that can tell a story and connect with their customers on a personal level will also be successful. And lastly, businesses that are willing to be creative and experiment with Instagram’s various features will find the most success.


Hopefully, the business types listed above have provided you with some idea as to whether your business might work on Instagram too. There is only one way to find out, though, and that is to try it yourself, and if that is not working, to enlist outside help to give your posting efforts a boost. Remember, start with a good photo and have the text accompanying it equally engaging. Then consider buying likes if you are just not getting any. A post with no likes on Instagram is of little use to a business wanting to show that it has the perfect product and the best reputation of all its competitors.

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