3 One-of-A-Kind Restaurants Worth Visiting a Country For

It’s a little-known fact that many of the world’s best restaurants are little known. And, just as the world’s best wines are found in obscure places, so too are the best restaurants. 

Here are the three one-of-a-kind restaurants worth visiting a country for:

  • Kitty Burns, Melbourne, Australia

Kitty Burns was one of the best places I ate at while traveling in Melbourne, Australia. It’s a small, central, hole-in-the-wall restaurant that serves essentially one thing: pork shoulder. The food is fantastic but straightforward: a bed of charred white potatoes is covered in one of the most tender, perfectly-cooked pieces of pork shoulder you will ever eat. I’m not sure who the genius was to come up with the idea, but I hope he starts a restaurant in every major city in the world. 

In the quiet streets of Melbourne, Australia, there exists a restaurant with a name that will make you chuckle. It’s a little place called Kitty Burns, and you won’t find a sign outside. However, once you find it, you’ll notice the name is a play on the Australian slang term “chook,” which refers to a person in Australia. Kitty Burns is a small, intimate restaurant with solid service and food to match. The menu is full of interesting, creative ideas, and they stand behind the menu items, which is not the norm in Melbourne. The restaurant is located near the city’s art, theater, and dining areas, making it easy to get to, but it’s also lovely and quiet so that you can get the best of both worlds.

  • Altitude at Shangri-La, Sydney, Australia

The beautiful coastline of Australia is packed with stunning beaches and incredible natural sights to see. Still, one place is so spectacular it is considered a person’s dream destination in the country: Shangri-La. One of the perks of traveling abroad is experiencing the local cuisine in different cultures. Some eat fresh, others prefer traditional meals, while others are fond of trying out new dishes—there is a meal for everyone. 

For those travelers who prefer a fresh and healthy meal, you may want to try the food in Shangri-La, a spa resort in Sydney, Australia. Here, you can enjoy the traditional Chinese cuisine or opt for some more exotic options. The Shangri-La restaurant in Sydney, Australia, is a real – if pricey – hotel and restaurant chain with a menu that focuses on locally sourced foods. But that’s where the similarities to other chain hotels end. Shangri-La is a one-of-a-kind dining experience where the chefs and staff wear traditional Chinese clothing.

  • Steirereck, Vienna, Austria

Steirereck Restaurant is a popular restaurant in Vienna worth visiting for its elegant yet straightforward dishes and its beautiful location. So, if you are visiting Vienna anytime soon and want to try a great meal that you can’t find anywhere else, then be sure to check out this restaurant. The cuisine in Steirereck, Vienna, Austria, has been influenced by the surroundings of this Austrian town, where the snow-capped Alps and the Danube River meet. It’s a meat-heavy offering of hearty lamb dishes, including a few with my favorite Austrian partner, pork. 

The Stein Burger, with a generous portion of beef on a thick roll, is similar to the French or traditional Austrian hamburger but with a few twists. The best part is the homemade, soft, white rolls, topped with the usual bacon, ham, and lettuce or loaded with herbs, onions, and garlic. The soft, almost squishy rolls are the perfect and filling complement to the meat. Steirereck, a restaurant located in Vienna, Austria, is one of the city’s lesser-known gems. With a menu comprised mainly of Viennese dishes, the restaurant is not a place you’d walk past without giving it a try (especially if you’re a big fan of schnitzel and sauerbraten). This place is so popular that it even has a line on weekends, particularly impressive because the city has so many more excellent restaurants.

We’re not big fans of the restaurant business in general, but some of our favorite places are the ones with one particular thing about them that makes them stand out. Whether it’s the food, the atmosphere, or just a sense of place, we feel like these restaurants are worth the trip — even alone.

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