Amelia Evans – A woman of many talents. A writer, a passionate mother, and a creative soul. Her hope is to pursue a long-standing career as an author, but right now she is content with life as it is. Her work used to carry her all over the world as she has been a digital nomad, but due to the current climate (2020 as of writing) she is currently based in New York City. Once the world is back to normal, she hopes to pursue this path once again.

I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today!  – William Allen White

This website will aim to serve two purposes – firstly, as a place for me to practise my writing and keep up to date with everything that I need to do. You may not see the back end things where I will use this site almost like a diary, but you will see the other snippets of wisdom I plan to share out in the wild. The second is to hopefully create a little hub and portfolio of my copywriting so that I can point people here directly when they need to see examples. Trust me, this is helpful!

You may be reading this and asking, why Tinkerpopbook? It seems a strange name, but it is an aspirational one. I have had the idea for a book named Tinkerpop for many years, and so bought the domain as a precaution, but as it sat unused for some time it felt as though it would be better to make use of it. Waste not want not!

I hope to engage with all of my fans and readers in the near future, and for now – please do keep this site bookmarked as the world is ever changing and news may change, as may life as we know it!