The Downsides of Owning a Car

“That is my car.” This is a line that each of us desires to say at least once in our lifetime. That is because not all of us have a car at the moment. And while a car comes with so many attractive things, it has as many cons as it has pros. I must state from the onset that this writeup is not intended to discourage those of us who are dreaming of owning a car someday. Rather, it should serve as a knowledge source so we can know what to expect, from the maintenance work a firm like Engine Carbon Detox may need to carry out to other matters not often considered. Having said that, I now want to go straight to the gist.


Owning a Car Is Expensive

I have had lengthy conversations with many car owners. Most of them have been telling me that purchasing a car is not expensive (of course, it depends on the make and model we are buying), but maintenance is what drains the pockets of many car owners. That is true. “I have to spend at least $400 on one tire, $50 on fuel per day, and I still have to pay for the insurance.” These were the words of Mr. Dave (I believe he hasn’t forgotten that he gave me the right to mention him in my article), a car owner I once talked to. Yes, there are maintenance costs we don’t incur more often, but there are those ones we cannot run away from. Changing oil, lubrication, alignment, fuelling, etc. And that’s on top of the money that you’ll have to find to pay for your insurance, which is another necessity when it comes to owning a car. Without relevant research, you will be stuck paying a significant amount of money for your insurance, and if you don’t weigh up your options, like seeing how no deposit car insurance could be beneficial to your financial situation, then you will be spending more money on your premium than you would like. Car insurance is important, but it doesn’t mean that you want to spend all of your savings on having the best plan – there are things that you can consider if you want to save as much as possible. But these are the things we must be prepared to do regularly as car owners.


A Car Expands the Scope of Our Responsibility

I was once driving from work to home, and I felt so tired because my day in the office had been so engaging. Just half a mile into the journey, I found that someone had been knocked down by the roadside. There were lots of people there trying to perform first aid on a man who laid in a pool of blood. These people requested me to rush the victim to the nearby hospital, which was three miles away. I had no option but to accept the request as none of us can run away from this kind of responsibility unless we have no shreds of tenderness in us. From that day, it dawned on me that owning a car means that I have an expanded responsibility description, which I must face head-on. And that is just one example. Yes, who amongst us has the courage to refuse to lend a car to his friend or colleague? Maybe only a few of us, if at all there are any.


Possible Injuries and Accidents

This is the part I fear the most. Now, when I was still young, I visited my grandpa, who owned a car then. I told him how I desired to own a big car when I grew up. He remarked, “That is a big dream, and a nice one, but remember owning a car can be fatal. The road will stop being your friend once you own a car.” I sought to find out what he meant by that statement, but he simply smiled and changed the story. I would later come to understand the meaning when I was attending my driving school. Yes, owning a car means that we are putting ourselves in danger of potential injuries and accidents. And while many of us may have understood the traffic rules so well, not all of us implement these rules to the letter. An irresponsible driver on the road can draw us into a mess.


Possible Lawsuits

While this con is directly related to the penultimate one above, I would rather present it separately because it is a heavy one. If my car is involved in an accident, that could culminate in a lawsuit, which may rob me of a lot of cash. Who doesn’t know that legal cases are expensive to handle? From paying for the attorney to paying fines, I can’t just imagine. Adding these expenses to a possible detention only leaves us in a tricky situation, not knowing whether we should own a car or not.

Like I said in the beginning, this writeup is not intended to frighten anyone. As long as we know what we are opting into and are responsible enough, a car brings lots of good things. There, I rest my case.