5 Different Genres of Music to Explore

Music is something that is very much down to personal taste. Many instruments can be played in different styles to perform music that will satisfy a range of different audiences. For instance, a clarinet can be played in an orchestra to perform classical compositions, or played in a jazz band to reflect that style. You can rock out in a band with an electric guitar attached to a speaker or play the guitar acoustically in a Flamenco style for a solo Spanish dancer. A violin can lead a whole orchestra or make up a folk trio in an Irish pub where the only currency is Guinness. So, let us explore a few different genres or styles of music.



If we learned to play an instrument at school, we will be familiar with classical music.  The founders of the Classical style are considered to be Bach and Gluck. Composer Joseph Haydn was the first great master of this style. He would, in the late 1750s, begin composing symphonies. Bach, who was born in 1685, created no fewer than 1,100 works, which included approximately 300 sacred cantatas.


Rock and Roll

This was a style of dance music that was popularized in the 1950s. it is defined as a heavy beat that contains simple melodies. It combines white country music with black rhythm and blues. Elvis Presley made this music popular, and due to this, will forever be referred to as “the King of Rock and Roll”. Presley never, however, claimed to have invented this style. He certainly popularized it. He would talk about how he was influenced by black gospel and blues music that he would listen to on the radio when growing up in Tupelo, Mississippi.



The 1970s can be seen as the period when disco took off. Indeed, roller skates became a part of the phenomenon. Groups such as the Bee Gees were central to its popularity. Their hits “Night Fever” and “Sayin’ Alive” became dancefloor successes. Flares, medallions, and white suits became a trend associated with a disco for men. Ladies would see it as an opportunity to sparkle as the disco ball rotated and moved the lighting around the room. The tune “Stayin’ Alive” found popularity again as the perfect beat for CPR. That is cardiopulmonary resuscitation, a lifesaving technique used in a case of emergency when someone has stopped breathing or their heartbeat has stopped. Long may disco survive.



Jazz became a popular style as a result of Louis Armstrong. Born in New Orleans in 1901, he would begin playing cornet at the age of 13. It was Armstong who perfected the improvised jazz solo that is jazz as we know it today. It is very much a style of improvisation.  Jamie Cullum is an English jazz-pop singer, pianist, songwriter, and radio presenter, who many people today will associate with jazz. In total to date, he has recorded eight studio albums, three compilation albums, a live album, and twenty-four singles. He is certainly keeping the jazz scene very much alive.



Bluegrass is a music genre that has American roots. It was first developed in the US in the 1940s in the Appalachian region. The name comes from the band Bill Monroe and the Blue Grass Boys. It differs from mainstream country music in that bluegrass is traditionally played with acoustic stringed instruments.


In summary, five completely different genres of music are represented here, but they will not necessarily be liked by five different groups of people. Many people will like to listen to and perform a range of music and styles. Music is the language of the world as it does not have to contain any words. Although, we do like to sing along to a good tune. Folk music insists upon it. There is another style that many of us will adopt on a night out. That style is known as Karaoke, which is Japanese for “empty orchestra”. “Kara” for empty or void and “oke” for orchestra.