Basic Computer and Mobile Phone Skills

When it comes to finding work, almost all job descriptions require primary computer and mobile phone knowledge. When people are putting together their resumes with the help of a resume writing service in Illinois or others similar to it, they want to make sure their skills are the first thing recruiters see so they can have that edge when they job hunt. Computer skills are easy to handle in first-world countries. To those who haven’t had a chance to see and touch these devices, these are alien to them. With the advancement of technology, many are still not familiar with how to use these devices.

Computer literacy is the familiarity and expertise of anyone with computers. We categorize computer and mobile phone skills into two. They are software or hardware skills. Software and hardware are the two components of these devices.

  1. Hardware

Hardware is the physical composition of computers or mobile phones. There are CPU or Central Processing Unit, ROM or Read-Only Memory, and RAM or Random-Access Memory.

  1. CPU

The CPU is the brain of the computer. On mobile phones, they are called motherboards. Just like our brain, this part of hardware controls the logic and system of the device. Computers and mobile phones will not function without a CPU or motherboard.

  1. ROM

The ROM is a permanent memory. ROM is not affected, even if the device turns off.

  1. RAM

Unlike ROM, RAM is a temporary memory. When we shut down our computers or mobile phones, the RAM is affected. It is a volatile memory that evaporates when power is off.

  1. Software

When we say software of these technological devices, we mean to say it is the system that is running the device. These include operating programs like Microsoft or Apple, browsers like google, search engine, or safari. Programs like word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and applications that we can download in app stores or play stores are also among this software.

Since we know how computers and mobile devices are categorized, we need to learn the basic skills first.

For hardware skills

  • Navigation skills

The parts of a computer that we need to learn and have navigation skills for is the mouse and cursor control. We usually connect the mouse with computers through a USB port. But they can also go wireless nowadays. Mouse comprises directions, left-click, right-click, scroll wheel, and the body. The body serves the fragment of the mouse. The scroll moves the page in an up or down position. The left-click gives options. The right-click is the ok part of the mouse. It confirms our choice and movement.

  • Typing skills

We will achieve typing skills with the help of a keyboard. The keyboard is composed of function keys, typewriter keys, control keys, and numeric pads. Numeric is the right part of the keyboard that has numbers on it. The control keys are like the mouse that gives direction on the movement of the page.

The typewriter skills are in the QWERTY position used for typing letters or words. And lastly, we have the function keys. The function keys serve important and unique controls on the page. To be familiar with the description of function keys, we can check it on the net.

In mobile phones, however, we use our fingers to control the screen. Another feature added with our newly developed mobile phones is the voice control program, which uses voice to command. Mobile phones have the advantage on this matter over computers. For this reason, mobile phones are more user-friendly than computers.

For Software skills

  • Operating system

To know how to navigate our computer and mobile phones properly, we need to know the operating system. Knowing the operating system will allow us to understand the device.

  • Application

To be called computer literate, we should know different applications. Many computer applications are now used in different situations. The most common applications are social media, accounting, entertainment, information gathering, and utility. Microsoft Office is also a major software tool that you need to be able to navigate. This microsoft office training Phoenix can help you to get to grips with Word, Excel and Powerpoint, giving you valuable transferable skills that many companies require. Various applications have other installed programs from their memory, concept, and usage that you need to know about.

Software skills are more technical than hardware. However, to be able to attain more knowledge with software skills, you need to have different areas of training.


The advancement of technology allows us to adapt to changes. Changes that are needed for us to survive in our daily tasks. When it comes to either of the two devices, we all must know the basic skills regardless of age, gender, and established society. Computer literacy is a requirement when job hunting. That is why we must consider familiarity with how to use these devices.