Save Money When I Travel

How to Save Money When I Travel

I like to save money as much as possible. I guess you too like it. After all, who wants to overspend? Even the world’s richest people including Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett don’t splash money unnecessarily. When we save money on something, it doesn’t mean that we are poor. Rather, it is a demonstration of shrewd money management. And as we all know, money management is key. Now, we all know that traveling can be somewhat expensive. With good planning however, we can be able to minimize the cost of our trips. I hereby take a look at some tips we can apply to avoid overspending while traveling.

Minimize Flights

Flights are part and parcel of our trips, especially when we are traveling abroad. However, flying is the most expensive mode of traveling, and that is why it is advisable to minimize how much we book flights. Once you land in your destination country, you don’t have to use flight to move around the country. You could rent a private car or use public transport at best. This way, we can be able to save a lot of money, which we can use to do other things, such as shopping. Alternatively, opting for a vacation at home in the United States could save you some money too. As a result, you may wish to consider visiting this California Luxury Oceanfront Resort for your next vacation.

Eat Like a True Roman When You Go to Rome

While there is no doubt that international cuisines are tasty, snubbing them a bit for purposes of saving money is not a bad idea at all. In relation to local dishes, the former tends to be far more expensive, and the reasons for this are obvious. For one, the ingredients used to prepare these international dishes are imported. Thus, I advise you to steer clear of these dishes, unless you must eat them. I remember eating street-stall snacks in Brazil for only a couple of dollars, only to realize that I would have spend double the amount had I opted for burgers or pizzas. The best part? I still left those stalls with a full belly.

Don’t Stay in the City

Accommodation in cities is always more expensive that one offered outside the cities. With accommodation taking the better part of our travel budget, it is only reasonable to stay outside cities and save some bucks. And that does not necessarily mean that staying outside a city is any bad. As a matter of fact, you will be surprised to find some of the best hotels having been located far away from big cities. Thus, we should not spend too much money on a hotel just because it is located in a city. We can comfortably stay outside the city and save money without necessarily compromising the quality of our experience.

Travel During Off-season

High seasons, especially around Christmas, could be the worst time to go on a trip if we want to save money, given that most people travel at this time. Thus, avoiding traveling during high seasons can save us a great deal of money. With fewer people traveling during off-season, the demand for such things as hotels is lower at this time, and most hotels struggle to find guests. In order to attract guests, these businesses tend to lower their prices, and this can be of great benefit to us. Everything else, including flight and food prices, is also more affordable in the off-season than any other time.

Cook Your Own Food

This tip is especially useful, if our trip is going to take long, say, five days or so. So, if you are going to be having three square mills in a restaurant, that would mean spending more money than if you resorted to cooking your own food in a hotel room. You will want to book a hotel room where there is equipment for cooking.