Top 3 things to see and do in Cuba

Cuba has an amazing country with a unique culture that you will not find anywhere else. Tourists are often welcomed with open arms, with the wonderfully warm climate an amazing array of beaches and cultural attractions there is no shortage of things to do and see in Cuba. Today I am going to give you my top 3 things to see and do in Cuba.

Explore the Beaches

Cuba is blessed with a massive variety of beautiful beaches. Playa Sirena being of the most amazing of these beaches. Cuba has long been known as a country with dreamy white-sand beaches, but Playa Sirena has the finest sand of all the beaches. I think that the Playa Sirena beach is also reasonably isolated. Because it is located on the Cayo Largo del Sur island to the south of the main Cuba island it is often devoid of tourists. This is one of the many reasons why this is such a fantastic choice for beach explorers who love finding something unique in to their in their travels.

If you are the kind of person who loves the buzz of other tourists enjoying beaches with you then I think you should explore the Playa Varadero. It is one of the most popular beaches in Cuba so you will be able to find all the of the local amenities to enhance your time on the beach. With local hotels and food stalls nearby, you will not struggle to find ways to relax by the crystal clear Varadero waters.

Wildlife Hiking

For most, when they think of Cuba, the amazing hiking trails might not first come to mind. I am here to tell you that Cuba is a great place for nature lovers that enjoy climbing out hills and mountains to be rewarded with unmissable views. One of the reasons it is such a great place for hiking is because of Cuba’s dramatic landscape. They have it all from thriving ecosystems to foggy mountains towering over jungles, waterfalls, and colourful forests.

Topes de Collantes is one of the regions most beloved hiking trails for travellers. About 90 kilometres north of Trinidad you will discover Sierra del Escambray this wonderful area is home to the Topes de Collantes. The area is around 200 square kilometres. It is treated as a national park in Cuba, even if it does not have the official title. The area features a huge range of wildlife, a highlight of this diverse ecosystem being Cuba’s national bird, the tocororo. I know you will be treated to some woodpeckers, lizards, butterflies and over 35 species of orchid along the forest road. Topes de Collantes is just one many different hiking trails in Cuba. There is so much more to discover so if you decide to visit Cuba’s hiking trails try a few out.

Discover the Local Culture

Cuba has a vibrant local culture and rich history. One of the most famous cities in Cuba is its capital, Havana. Havana was shut off from the world for decades due to the communist reign it has developed a unique oldness to it that many other capital cities in the world cannot replicate. I have heard that many are fascinated by the mystery that surrounds Havana.

A unique feature of Havana, as I previously mentioned, is its vintage exterior. It feels like you have been transported to a different time which is difficult to capture in most internationally focused capital cities. Centro Habana oozes this oldness. It is a colourful district where you will probably see plenty of cars from the 1950s and even horse and carriages. There is plenty of local flair to this area, I have often heard salsa music while roaming. The sweet aroma of delicious food often floats into my nose on these streets.

The local food at a Paladar is what you will be smelling most of the time, especially in areas like Centro Habana. They can be difficult to immediately get a table at, due to their smaller size and popularity. But they are well worth the wait. Waiting staff will often hand you a mojito or a cigar while you wait so it should not take too long before you can really dig into some local food. There are also international focused, larger restaurants if that is what you prefer but I focused on the local food. I was aiming for a more authentic Cuban experience.

Ultimately, Cuba has a lot to offer for those who are looking for a unique experience in a country that has an interesting history. They have such a rustic approach in the less tourist focused areas which is great for those who want to learn about the real Cuba. With fantastic beaches, amazing wildlife, and beautiful architecture you can be sure to find something for everyone who is looking for an authentic Cuba experience.